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We think software deployments should be easy, configurable, auditable and standardised irrespective of the operating system. You should be free to use the language of your choice. Deployment should be one of first things to get right not an annoying afterthought in building your application. Any deployment should just fit in with the existing framework. Vamos Deploy was designed and built keeping all of this in mind.

Vamos Deploy 1.3 Barcelona Released

Design Principles

Vamos Deploy has the functionality to encapsulate an application with all its dependancies, libraries, binaries and configuration files. So they can be deployed as one to any number of local Vamos Deploy repositories whether they are on Linux or Windows.


Answers the 3 W's of audit and compliance. Who did What and When?


See what software is being used where. Test-promote lifecycle for software.


Reduce risk of lengthy migrations by integrating into existing release process.


Resist the temptation for complexity as developers cannot be bothered to learn yet another tool!


Integrating Vamos Deploy into your current deployment process will save you time and money in delivering software to your clients.

  • Standardize release procedures
  • Reduces learning curve for staff
  • Release more reliably. Fewer failures
  • Release more frequently
  • Reduce production support
  • Get developers back to developing
  • Prevents software dependancy conflicts - read how
  • Promotes the safe use of open source software (OSS) - here's how
  • Keeps non-production quality code well away from the production domain
  • Keeps auditors happy.

Use Cases

Find out where Vamos fits into your current application development cycle

Shows Vamos Deploy in the build cycle Config management, application deployment, Job Scheduler


New Release: Tower Above The Rest with Vamos Deploy 1.3 (Barcelona)

New features:

  1. Vamos CLI for integration into CI tools and for constructing continuous delivery pipelines
  2. Vamos Dashboard for browser viewing of data
  3. Vamos Jump for launching GUI applications
  4. Deploy in-house and 3rd party software to numerous environments
  5. Full promotion life cycle of software packages
  6. Multi-site, multi-region, multi-o/s software deployments
  7. Deploy client and server side software
  8. Software dependency management
  9. Fast rollback of deployments; full or partial
  10. Maintainable controls on what is deployed and who can deploy it
  11. Searchable audit tracker for auditor happiness!
  12. Repository tracker gives visibility of contents of individual repositories
  13. Templatisation delivers environment specific application configuration

Vamos Deploy Blog

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One area that I have been concentrating on for a while now is the automated delivery of software that actually works. This has recently become a hot topic with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery being discussed. The DevOps banner is being used for wider discussions which include the breaking down of barriers between teams to increase co-operation. This is all good stuff and a step in the right direction in an area which has long been neglected. Companies are now starting to invest in how they deliver their software. But they may just be saving up problems for the future. more


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